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You don't have to be good looking if you're funny


You don’t have to be good looking if you’re funny.

This applies to men.

Women adore funny men, myself included.

I rarely get jokes #MinorDetail

Men who’re funny get away with a lot more, can get what they want more times than they don’t and ooze sex appeal if they do it right.

OK, I’m going to focus on that last part . . . the sex appeal . . . ooh la la. It is a relationship substack after all, I focus on #Love #Lust and all that jazz with many of my topics.

Let’s be real, you want to know about the sexy part, don’t you?

I want to highlight this because with your genetics, you’re born with those. Yeah, you can go to therapy to learn interpersonal skills that help you with women and you can learn how to clean up nice too, I do have the video Men in Jackets

But even so, you’re stuck with your genetics. You look how you look, no matter how much you finangle what you’ve got.

But your personality, that you can do something with.

For men, the quickest way to get in the good graces of women, is with humor.

I’m not saying if you were the class clown or the goof ball at work, that you can just rest on your laurels. It’s possible that you think you’re hysterical . . . and no one else does. The proof is in the pudding, do women like you. If they do, you’re doing something right.

The silver lining for men, is that you don’t have to be good looking, if you’re funny.

I will break down why men who’re funny are on the fast track to sexy.

But first, watch the video with Seth Keshel and myself. The back story to this, is that we recorded a Stories podcast episode, Seth Keshel's story, his fight for election in integrity in person. I wanted to do a teaser for YouTube because I was putting certain episodes only Rumble because of censorship. I would put a quick clip on YouTube to let everyone know to find the actual Stories episode on Rumble. For the quick promo with Seth, I thought we were just going to introduce ourselves. Seth ran with . . . something else. Just watch the video. Super funny. I sat there, not expecting that, with a smile on my face. Probably because I’m slow on the uptick with jokes, is why I didn’t burst out laughing because it’s hysterical what Seth said in that clip. In real life, Seth is just as funny. Cracking jokes and clowning around, he’s a really fun time! I chose this video to highlight a real life example of hysterical antics that can put a smile on your face. I laugh every time I watch the video, Seth is super funny.

Now Seth also knows how to wear a jacket, photo below show’s he’s 6’6. He’s a Stud and also . . . very funny.

OK, so the break down. Why are funny men sexy as hell.

Women know why.

It’s because women operate on an emotional plane. It’s all about the feels. And if you’re a man, and you know how to tap into this, you are golden with women. So what does this mean in real life? It means you must get the woman to relax, laugh, have fun. This is the emotional jackpot.

And the easiest way to relax, is to laugh. A real laugh too, not the pity cackle or the polite chuckle. If you can have a woman laughing at your jokes, you will have her eating out of your hand. Well not really, but you get the idea.

All of a sudden, she doesn’t care so much that you’re a little chubby and she has forgotten that you’re shorter than her. You’re very funny, she feels amazing when she’s with you and she’s really beginning to . . . like you. This is the type of man you keep around, that’s a keeper, a man who makes you feel good by way of laughter. There isn’t a person on the planet who doesn’t enjoy laughing and also having fun, we crave this. Getting a woman to laugh, is an emotional happy state, that’s your ticket up to the bar more than good looks or even having a wad of cash in your hand. Women want to feel good, men who understand this are emotionally intelligent . . . and also get what they want more than they don’t, they also ooze sex appeal because you have to have a level of confidence to joke around. Sexy!

Now there may be a few bitter souls who lash out at me that they think they’re funny, but they’re in the friend zone with women. Listen, that’s your fault, not mine. Just like looks will get your foot in the door as a women but not a seat at the table, the same goes for if you’re funny as a man but you don’t bring anything else, you also won’t be sitting down to dinner, now will you. It’s not enough to be hilarious, you have to bring other things, be a match for that woman and also have sexual chemistry. But being funny will give you a huge leg up, instant brownie points. Women warm up to a funny guy the way they light up at the sight of something shiny, it’s just our thing.

If you’re a man with a penchant for getting the punchline right, you will blow your competition out of the water. Women will forgive many things and overlook a lot, if you make her laugh. Men know this. That’s why they’re always joking around, honing their ability to tell a joke. Because it gets laughs, because you get attention, because the women like it. OK, maybe you do it for other reasons too . . . but also to get that woman to laugh, do you not.

And me, I adore funny men. I may have to ask them to explain the punchline of the joke, but I appreciate the effort. Sexual innuendo may go over my head, and I may laugh after everyone else does, but I love it just as much as the next woman.

Because I don’t need to “get the joke” to know that man oozes sex appeal. Because when you’re funny and your delivery is on point, and everyone is having fun because you made them laugh, that’s sexy as hell. It evokes a feeling, and that feeling is fun. You are relaxed. You feel good. And feeling good is tantamount to also feeling sexy. They go together. He is sexy and you feel sexy. Win and WIN. Men who understand this get what they want more than they don’t . . . and ooze sex appeal.

Joke. Relax. Sexy!

And you’re off to the races. Winning.

Photo: Seth Keshel and myself, this man is 6’6 so you can imagine how tall I am. This man is funny, whereas no one laughs at my jokes because I forget the punchline. But it’s women who like funny men, it’s possible the men forgive me for not getting their jokes. Or at least that’s my hope.


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