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Don't be a sellout. Is that succinct enough for you.


The degenerate world tells you that you will get crumbs and like it. You deserve more.

  • When a beta male like Andrew Tate is held up as role model for masculinity, we are at height clown world.

  • When former CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo plays the blame game, won’t apologize for the way that he, in the fake news media, coerced the populace to take the covid vaccine with its 1291 side effects listed on Pfizer documents, yet he expects a pass, we are at height clown world.

  • When people put a black square for their profile picture on fakebook to promote BLM instead of denouncing its divisive race baiting as well as Marxist ideology, we are at height clown world.

  • When politicians like Tulsi Gabbard hem and haw, won’t directly answer the Abortion question because . . . well politics . . . we are at height clown world.

  • When Pornography is viewed as mainstream instead of deviant, we are at height clown world.

  • When censorship was at feverish heights regarding Covid in 2020, we reached height clown world.

  • When you don’t know which bathroom to use, when males are following your little girl into the bathroom, when you cheer like the happiest seal at the zoo when males compete in female sports, when you’re supposed to cheer at a male winning a beauty pageant as if he’s Maxim Hot we are at height clown world.

  • When Travis Kelce gets paid 20 million to shill for Pfizer, kids look up to athletes in the NFL, those boys will get myocarditis and those girls will become infertile, two of the 1291 covid vaccine side effects, now we are at height clown world.

  • When you huff and puff about Toxic Masculinity you really are that dumb, that you don’t realize that masculinity is necessary for society at large and the family most of all, to be oblivious to this, is height clown world.

I’m doing what I can, I’m fighting back. My linkedin content had 6 million views in 2022 before I was massively shadow banned. My Substack gets 35k views a month. I will continue to put the best in the world on camera with me to highlight the Masculinity Crisis. I will continue to share Stories on my podcast. I’m doing my very best to push back, against the degenerative narrative. I will not live in a world where men are demonized and women are denigrated. I’m fighting for my family and my freedom, with all of YOU.

Now the world is waking up, it’s We the People that are in the fight of our lives.

There is only Win.

God wins.

Watch the video, Robert De Niro is mocked as a sellout. The people are waking up, we’re no longer bowing to celebrity and bending the knee to tyranny.

We are winning because God wins in the end.

Join the winning team, don’t be a sellout. Is that succinct enough for you.

Video: from the Freedom is Not Negotiable telegram channel