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Thank You


From my heart to yours, THANK YOU, to my Substack family.

I have this Substack because of Dr. Paul Alexander, who told me about it and encouraged me, to start my own.

I’ve collaborated with Dr. Paul Alexander 3 times, click on the below links for those videos.

Dr. Paul Alexander's story, making a stand for freedom

Connection with Dr. Paul Alexander

Masculinity Crisis with Dr. Paul Alexander

I didn’t even know what Substack was, but Dr. Paul Alexander encouraged me, he’s the one who asked me to write about my experience in LockDown Illinois during the PlanDemic. That Substack called Covid remains my highest viewed article to date. This Substack article will be number 690 that I’ve written, I wrote even on Christmas Day. Without Dr. Paul Alexander’s support, I wouldn’t have my Substack. I encourage you to subscribe to his Substack Alexander COVID News

I want to thank you, my Substack family, as I’ve hit the mile mark of 1000 subscribers. I’ve had 35k views a month, I will keep going, to promote the message of Faith in God, Love of Country and Family over everything. You can subscribe to my relationship newsletter for free, most of the content is also free.

I have you, my Substack family, to thank. I write for you and for me.

I wish for you, health and happiness.

Keep Going!

Keep Fighting!

Keep Dreaming!