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Question 1: Do older men commit?


Do older men commit?

  1. When I launched my Life Coach business in 2020, I would get asked questions via social media.

  2. I chose to write about the questions I received on my Substack, I put out a total of 46 questions.

  3. I no longer answer questions on social media.

  4. For individualized work, request an Intake for Life Coach which are 1-hour tele sessions. I’ve had clients from 17 states and Canada.

  5. For those who feel they would benefit from a quick interaction, connect on Minnect. I’ll answer your questions via text/voice recording/phone call.

This is the very 1st question that I chose to write about on my Substack on October 28, 2022. Click on this link to read that article: Question 1: Do older men commit?

I explain in the video why I like this question a lot. I feel that many women are wondering about this, they are dating an older man.

I hope we connect on Minnect.

My credentials are on my website. I’m a Therapist licensed for clinical work in the state of Illinois. I own my Life Coach, I’m the same whether I’m with my therapy or my life coach clients. When you talk to me, I try very hard to nuance with you, so that you can make decisions for the life you want. #OnlyDreamBig